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The Marche are famous for its large quantity of handicrafts, produced with the same care that was used in the past. What could be better than a journey in Le Marche Region to discover the ancient folk traditions? Here are some tips from the official tourism website for our Made-Marche products:

If you love ceramics you will surely know the city of Urbania, the ancient Casteldurante, renowned for the majestic Renaissance majolica and still considered one of the few artistic ceramic towns (Borghi) in italy;

Did you know that the famous hat of the great film director Federico Fellini was made in Le Marche? More precisely in the town of Montappone, a small village (in the province of Fermo) which has kept hand-made production as in the past. 

If you love lace, Offida is the city that’s right for you. Its cobbled streets are full of small traditional workshops. The art of bobbin lace, from the latin tumulus i.e. tumolo is a tradition that has been handed down for at least five centuries from mother to daughter.

Do you love shopping at 360 degrees? Or do you have little time and you want to try a bit of everything that our territory has to offer? Then the in-outlet project, strictly Made in Marche, is what it is for you. A complete selection of all the outlets of the Marche, from A to Z, from fashion to gastronomy.


Ready ??? “We just have to hope for you … that shopping is with you!”

Map_outlet_marche The Marche: the shopping paradise


If you don't want to miss a day of what Le Marche has to offer call us and we will help you to find what you want.


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