Frasassi caves

francesca ballarini/ August 21, 2017

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FRASASSI CAVES Frasassi Caves – The caves, discovered by a group of Ancona speleologists in 1971, are situated 7 kilometres (4 miles) south of Genga, near the civil parish of San Vittore and the Genga-San Vittore railway station (Rome-Ancona line). Near the entrance to the caves are two sanctuary-chapels: one

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francesca ballarini/ December 18, 2017

NEW YORK – John Williams, a 62-year-old chiropractor from Pennsylvania, wanted to retire in Italy and moved into a farmhouse with one and a half hectares of centenary olive grove on the outskirts of Senigallia, where he produces oil and fruit preserves together with his wife and two teen sons.

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francesca ballarini/ September 28, 2017

A JOURNEY IN LE MARCHE As is known, Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world: art, culture, good food are just the beginning of an incredible journey. Not very known, rich in treasures all to be discovered are certainly   Le Marche. There are those who

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francesca ballarini/ September 6, 2017

AQUALAGNA TRUFFLE A few days ago, passing to Acqualagna for work, I stopped to eat at the Osteria del Parco: a fantastic culinary experience! As everyone knows, Acqualagna is famous all over the world for its truffle, and I add, also for the beauty of the small country and the

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francesca ballarini/ July 2, 2017

MADE-MARCHE The Marche are famous for its large quantity of handicrafts, produced with the same care that was used in the past. What could be better than a journey in Le Marche Region to discover the ancient folk traditions? Here are some tips from the official tourism website for our Made-Marche

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Italy is giving away 103 historic buildings for free

francesca ballarini/ June 8, 2017

This is part of a project of the Agenzia del Demanio (the Italian Public Property Agency), promoted by MIBACT (the Ministry of Cultural Heritage) and MIT (the Ministry of Transportation). ( The project aims to upgrade, renovate and reuse public buildings located along cycling/walking trails and historical-religious itineraries. The project seeks to support young under-40

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