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As is known, Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world: art, culture, good food are just the beginning of an incredible journey. Not very known, rich in treasures all to be discovered are certainly   Le Marche. There are those who claim that their charm is above all a landscape issue. Enchanting, multifaceted, made of gentle hills and rugged mountains, of the sea and of verdant valleys dotted with castles, small villages, towers, churches and steeples.

The Marche is a land of border, rich and luxuriant, very conveted and contested, a land of faith, a place of pilgrimage, a land in many ways still unexplored, out of the great ways of communication, so loved by those who love to dive into nature, in tradition, in art.

You will find characters from Le Marche who have fallen in love, such as Hungarian composer Franz Liszt, you will discover anecdotes, secret and almost forgotten stories, meet your famous “sons”, including Emperor Frederick II, musicians Pergolesi, Spontini and Rossini.

Today, the trend for those who love to travel is to rent apartments or villas rather than opt for the classic hotel. Through our services it will not be difficult to please those who decide to spend their holidays in a country house immersed in an orderly and luxuriant nature, or relive old feelings staying in a medieval village or, why not, enjoy a beautiful sea looking out of a balcony with breathtaking views.

Autumn is now at the door and for this reason it is time to gather the precious fruits that the warm summer has matured. It’s time to harvest and never like the region is getting alive right now. For this reason I recommend a trip to the Marche: enjoy the last days of the sea, the water is still warm and in the autumn particularly clean, go out among the wonderful vineyards with warm and enveloping colors, taste the traditional food maybe in one of the many small medieval villages that will not let you fall in love.


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