Fbitalianproperties is the first Property Finder and Property Search that helps to find the perfect property in the Marche Region and surroundings.

Highly specialized in Real Estate, we are helping clients, mostly foreign, to invest in Le MARCHE. Whether the purchase is for investment or simply for a definitive change, we assist our clients to make the best possible choice in the easiest and relax way.

Property Search
If you intend to buy or invest in italian properties, one of the best decision you can make is to liaise with a property search consultant who can guide you through the complicate buying process. Fbitalianproperites will make your search easier, saving your time by drawing up a short list which only includes properties that meet your criteria.

Property Negotiation
Choosing the perfect property is only the start. The next step is to obtain the best possible price. Fbitalianproperties will use our experience at your service, saving you from the stressful and often frustrating process of agreeing terms with the vendor. Following a purchase price being agreed, we deal on your behalf with notary, mortgage lender and surveyors to save you the hassle of dealing with them yourself.

Property Renovation & Interior Design
With the advise of trusted architects and local builders we can help in renovation works and restoration of your house.

Property Management Services
We understand that running a home abroad can be difficult due to distance or lack of local knowledge. We offer a wide range of specialized services for italian properties management, which include rental, maintenance works, key and housemaid services.


Four reasons to use a Personal Property Search

It's your bespoke Personal Property Search Service
When you have a personal property finder you can have confidence that he’s going to look for exactly what you want. Unlike estate agents who work for the vendor, property search specialists and property finders work solely for you, the buyer, offering impartial and unbiased advice about all aspects of your property search and acquisition.

The right service
We are entirely client focused and work tirelessly to make the house search and purchasing process as effortless and seamless as possible for you. I work closely with local estate agents and other property professionals in order to realise the goals of my clients.

Save your time
Filter out properties so you only view those that would match your criteria. A good property finder will visit several properties that seem to fit your criteria, then whittle down to the best properties and only take you to see these. This will save you a huge amount of time.

Save your money
As a trusted consultant, we will always be on the part of the customer. We constantly monitor market levels, looking at comparable sales figures and property values in the region. Together with our opinion and effective negotiation skills we are able to give you confidence in the purchase price that you ultimately pay.


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